Zeigler Auto Group Offers Opportunity to Donate Cars for Charity

Zeigler Auto Group Offers Opportunity to Donate Cars for Charity

Kalamazo-based auto dealer promotes tax incentive as another option when trading in vehicles, allowing customers to receive tax benefits

Kalamazoo, MI -- (02/20/2015) --Zeigler Auto Group, a western Michigan-based company with locations throughout the U.S., is offering its customers the opportunity to donate their vehicles to charity and leverage some beneficial tax incentives.

Federal law allows individuals to deduct from their taxes the full price received for the sale of a pre-owned vehicle. This is an improvement over an older federal policy, which prohibited deductions over a certain amount and made simply trading in a used vehicle a more attractive option to many individuals in the market for a new automobile.

"There are some great tax incentives available for those interested in donating their vehicles to charity, and we can help you do it at any Zeigler Auto Group location," said Aaron Zeigler, the company's president. "Making a charitable contribution out of your pre-owned vehicle is a low-risk way to gain the benefits associated with significant deductions, and it's also a great way to help ensure another individual or family in the local community can benefit from the increased mobility that comes with car ownership."

Under the U.S. tax code, when one donates a used vehicle through an auto dealer, the Internal Revenue Service notifies that person of the amount for which the car sells, which is also the amount the donor will be able to deduct. If no major repairs are necessary, one may deduct the full sales price, and if the vehicle does require repairs, that individual will still be able to claim the full market value of the car.

Customers interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to claim a vehicle donation on next year's taxes should visit any Zeigler Auto Group location and speak with a representative to ask questions and learn more about the process. The company has 20 locations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and New York.

"Zeigler Auto Group is committed to achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction at all of our locations," said Zeigler. "By making it easy for our customers to enjoy the tax deductions associated with donating their used vehicles, we give them the opportunity to do some good and reap some well-deserved benefits."

To learn more about Zeigler Auto Group or to find the address of the location nearest you, please visit http://www.zeigler.com