Zeigler Motorsports Bike Night
 Friday, July 31 2020 | 6:00p.m. - 9:00p.m
5001 Park Circle Drive, Kalamazoo, MI

Zeigler Motorsports will be observing and respecting Michigan's order for social distancing,
with guests asked to stay two bike lengths or 6 feet apart and wear a mask or a helmet, when possible.
We will also have hand sanitizer available for your use during the event.


Zeigler Motorsports will be hosting a very special Bike Night this Friday, July 31st from 6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. The free event will feature local riding legend Joey Tobolic from GR's Finest Stunt Team and live music by Crooked Root.

Trak Houz Bar & Grill, Zeigler's own in-house restaurant, will be providing food and drinks at a designated tent during the event. The dealer will also be offering special pricing on gear, bikes and more. Plus, guests can register to win multiple giveaways which will be announced throughout the night.

 (Joe Tobolic greeting fans during a performance)

"I love doing stunt shows for families and kids. I will be giving kids stickers and posters for free. They remember it forever. It's something I never experienced when I was young, and it's just a way I feel like I can give back and impact a kid's life."

Joey Tobolic is scheduled to perform two to three times from 6:45p.m. to 8:15p.m. at the dealer's north end parking lot. Each show will be approximately 10 to 20 minutes long and will feature everything from acrobats on the bike to crowd-pleasing burn outs! Don't miss this exclusive event happening this month only! 

Joey Tobolic will also be doing a meet and greet and giving away free autographed posters.

The event is part of Zeigler Motorsports signature summer Bike Night event, held every last Friday of the month from May to August. In the past, the event has gathered bikers from all over the area, bringing in over 100 bikes and rare classic cars for the show.

Zeigler Motorsports will be observing and respecting Michigan's order for social distancing, with guests asked to stay two bike lengths apart and wear a mask or a helmet, when possible.

Guests are also welcome to bring their own folding chairs to enjoy Crooked Root's live performance or walk around, socialize and admire all the customer and Zeigler bikes on the lot. The dealer will have hand sanitizer available both inside and outside during the event.

JOEY T of GR's Finest Stunt Team

Without any professional training, Joey Tobolic started riding at 17-- an age where many riders already have years of training under belt. Now 32, he credits good old fashion hard work, trial and error, and YouTube videos for his advancement in the sport.

"I always wanted to ride, so I went out and bought one and started to do a wheelie."
When he was just starting out, he would meet up with friends that were also new to riding and worked with them on getting better. After a few years in the industry, he became part of the Grand Rapids Stunt Team, a collective that started in 2006 and regularly performs in the area and internationally.

(Joey T. doing a smokey handstand burnout during a show at Auctions of America)

He says that although his parents initially hated it when he first started, they are now very supportive. His says his dad now likes it a lot and regularly cheers him on at events. His mom is also supportive although she is still super nervous because of the risk for injuries.

During his time riding he has torn his shoulder, broken both hands, broken his foot a few times, collapsed a lung and suffered from intense road rash. Despite it all, he says he loves the sport and has no intention of giving up on it in the foreseeable future.

One of the main things in the sport that has evolved is the availability and advancement of performance parts. In the beginning, since he was working on a limited budget, Tobolic quickly learned that he had to know everything there was about fixing bikes to cut down on costs and leave more money for parts.

Today his regular routine includes working on is bike and riding every night. When he travels, he generally preps during the week and rides all weekend at shows and uses Sunday as a travel day. His career has taken him out of the country a few times, visiting Trinidad and Tobago a total of four times for a competition.

(Joey Tobolic places 3rd place Pro at SBFC aka Street Bike Freestyle Championship)

When he visits the island he doesn't travel with his personal bike, instead he uses a bike given to him and brings along his performance parts to make it more custom to how he rides.

Some of the major competitions he's been a part of include the XDL Street Bike Freestyle Championship Series where he came in first place twice and has placed in the top 3 a few times.

During competitions and demonstrations, Tobolic says he really enjoys talking to fans and answering questions. "Come up and talk to me, don't be shy. We love to talk to people."

(Joey T. practicing the Switch Back Churro, a trick riding the bike backwards standing up going in a circle)

(Joe T. jumping a Cam Am Maverick he purchased from Zeigler Motorsports)