2022 Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series Kicks Off With Johnathan Sprinkles As Speaker


Johnathan Sprinkles Kicks Off Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series for 2022

This past Wednesday, January 26, 2022, best-selling author, TV personality, celebrity business coach, and award-winning keynote speaker Johnathan Sprinkles kicked off Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series for 2022.  The Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series invites entrepreneurs, athletes, innovators and leaders across different industries to share their stories and points of view with the Zeigler team. Sprinkles' session, titled: LIVE BIGGER! LEAD BETTER! discussed the importance of living your truth out loud in order to lead teams in with more authenticity and transparency.

Kalamazoo, Mich. (January 31, 2022) Zeigler Auto Group kicked off its longstanding and highly successful Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series last Wednesday, January 26, 2022 with a session led by best-selling author, TV personality, celebrity business coach, and award-winning keynote speaker Johnathan Sprinkles. The Zeigler University Guest Speaker Series is part of Zeigler University, an internal leadership and development program within the Zeigler organization dedicated to attracting, training, and retaining the best talent in the industry. 

In his session titled: LIVE BIGGER! LEAD BETTER! Sprinkles discussed the importance of leading with authenticity and through service in that "the more you give, the more you have to give." Sprinkles explained that when you give from a place of gratitude and service, you feel good, and that inspires you and others to give more in return. He also explained the importance of connecting with people on a personal, and authentic level in order to motivate teams to do the same and bring out the best in the organization overall.

"In order to find your fulfillment, you have to look for those moments in your life that make you feel full"
Johnathan Sprinkles

Sprinkles connected his philosophy with Zeigler's tradition of giving outstanding employees "Diamond Drops." During the session he asked the audience, "who gets the better end of the deal?" The point he was driving home was both parties ultimately get something positive out of the interaction. A manager feeling great for this act of service in showing appreciation for a job well done, and a team member feeling appreciated and continuing to do even better because their efforts have been acknowledged.

During his session he discussed using the "As promised" way of replying and interacting within a teams. By using this phrase, and other ones like it, in emails and in regular conversation, teams are put in a position to build a strong foundation of trust where people feel comfortable enough to give and receive, because they know others will keep their word.


"The more you give, the more you have to give."

Johnathan Sprinkles

During the Backstage interview, conducted by Mike Van Ryn, Sprinkles explained the quote as similar to the saying, you reap what you sow in that as you give more, you are rewarded with more to continue to give. He also went on to discuss why sometimes hitting so many success milestones in life won't lead to happiness. In looking for the bigger car, the bigger home and all the successes in life sometimes people forget to live and although these should all be a product of a life well lived, true happiness and fulfillment comes from "those moments in your life that make you feel full."


Jonathan Sprinkles is the author of 13 books (including two international bestsellers), a TV personality, celebrity business coach, and award-winning keynote speaker. He is the founder of The Connection Lab, an award-winning company that is on a mission to help people live bigger and lead better through the power of human connection. Jonathan gets it. He knows the difference between what looks good on paper and what really works in the real world. He brings best practices from his career as a tech salesman and his 20 years of leadership experience as an entrepreneur. Jonathan has a gift for connecting with any audience, relating to them on a personal level, and inspiring them to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them.

Jonathan is regularly featured in media outlets across America. He shares practical advice that cuts through the fluff, showing you exactly what to do to improve your life and career. His tips  on using The Power of Connection - the driving force behind every business transaction, has been featured in: ABC, Fox News, Headline News (HLN), Forbes, Glamour.com, The Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Jonathan works with organizations across various industries, ranging in size from five to 50,000. He helps them achieve better productivity, customer loyalty, and increase their bottom line profits. His signature high-energy keynote presentations make him a top-rated speaker at every event.

Jonathan is an alumnus of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em Horns!), a certified trainer for Ken Blanchard Company's Situational Leadership II and is a graduate of the Tuck Executive Education Minority Business Program at Dartmouth College. When he is not working, Jonathan enjoys passionately debating about football, fulfilling his unrealized sports dreams by coaching his son's basketball team, and satisfying his addiction to Amazon Prime.


Zeigler University is an internal leadership and development program within the Zeigler Automotive Group organization dedicated to attracting, training, and retaining the best talent in the industry. 

The program includes one-on-one mentoring, strategic recruiting; and programs such as the Zeigler University Speaker Series with past celebrity guest speaker appearances that include Grant Cardone, Bill Rancic, PJ Fleck, and more.


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Besides its extensive automotive portfolio, the organization owns and operates Zeigler Motorsports, an 85,000-square-foot motorsports dealership and action park, offering 19 different powersports brands, plus its own onsite restaurant: Trak Houz Bar & Grill. Additionally, Zeigler Motorsports houses the Elevate Leadership & Team Building Academy, an executive training company.


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